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Pastor George Black - Bio

Pastor George Black and his wife Julie come to Auburn by way of Baltimore, MD, site of his previous parish. Pastor George's rich and varied ministry includes serving six congregations over his career; a visiting seminary professor at Concordia Theological Seminary, in Ft. Wayne, IN; a dozen short-term missions to West Africa; over a decade on the Foundation Board of Trustees for the Lutherans' Missouri Synod; and a supporting role with Food for the Poor, an ecumenical nonprofit that provides services in Latin America and the Caribbean. Pastor George loves to teach, not preach, leading with the infallible word of God.

Pastor George was born in Toledo, Ohio on February 4, 1948. He earned a B.A. degree in African History from the University of Colorado in 1972. He graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne, IN in 1977 with a Masters of Divinity degree. In 1994 he earned a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Concordia Theological Seminary. Pastor George also served twelve years on the LCMS Foundation Board of Directors, of which the last eight he served as its chairman. A dozen times in the past twenty years he was served as a short term theological missionary in Ghana, West Africa. In May 2014, he retired from the parish ministry. In June 2014, Pastor George began preaching part time for Food for the Poor.

In November 2015, he was appointed Circuit Visitor for Circuit Four of the Southeastern District of the LCMS. Pastor George has been married to Julie (nee Aarthun) for forty-six years and God has blessed them with three children and two grandchildren.

Pastor George can be reached as follows: 
Email -
Phone - 443.883.0148

(above) Pastor George and wife Julie; (below) Pastor George's Installation service with NALC Area Minister Dan Selbo and Pastor Bruce Lundberg

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