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About us


Our Savior Lutheran Church of Auburn formed in January 2014. With the Lord's hand at the helm and generosity in the landlord's heart, we found a meeting place in an Auburn schoolhouse. After settling on our name in February, we crafted our Mission/Vision Statement: Embracing God's Word, Transforming Lives, Serving Others. We then applied for and received recognition from the California Secretary of State as an official not-for-profit religious organization. 


Our roots are in the great traditions of Martin Luther, from which the Lutheran brand has emerged. We applied for - and are now recognized as - a North American Lutheran Church congregation. We are completing our Constitution and Bylaws. It's an exciting time!


The schoolhouse underwent some remodeling to better accommodate our worship needs, and we began renting the temporary facility fulltime in August. The facility is located at 14675 Musso Rd, Auburn (please see the "Visit Us" tab for directions). We meet for worship every Sunday at 9am. For a more detailed history of our beginnings, please click here.


The 2018 Leadership Team was unanimously elected on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The team includes:

  • Jan Riedel, President

  • Kathryn Stoltenburg, Vice President

  • Terry Mornin, Treasurer

  • Susan Christiansen, Secretary

  • Jerry Mueller, Member At Large


OSLC Mission Teams

There are many ways to get involved - our current Mission Teams include:

  • Worship

  • Outreach/Missions

  • Hospitality

  • Constitution/Bylaws - Bylaws were unanimously adopted by congregational vote on Sunday, December 7, 2014 and revised on Sunday, November 13, 2016 - read or download our Bylaws here.

  • Food Closet

  • Facilities

  • Finance

  • Call Committee - They did their job, and found us a pastor!

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